Tuition Reduction

Waldorf Education, from its inception, has acted on the belief that this unique education should be available to all families who seek it, regardless of their economic status.  Each family is encouraged to contribute “the most they are able to contribute.”  This includes tuition and program fees, donations and volunteer support.  This is a different approach from paying tuition as the purchase of a commodity for “my child.”  Rather, each family’s contribution ensures a stable learning environment for the entire school community.

Windsong School is pleased to offer the opportunity for tuition reduction to qualifying families.  Priority deadline for consideration is April 16th, and applications are processed on a first come first serve basis.  Tuition reduction does not cover the enrollment fee, supply fees, or capitol funds fee.

How do I apply for tuition reduction?

1)  Follow the directions to enroll your child found here.

2)  Indicate on the application that you’re interested in applying for tuition reduction.

3)  All applicants whom indicate they are interested in applying for a tuition reduction must complete their tuition reduction application and submit all required documents before their application for enrollment will be processed.

4)  You will be contacted by the school once your tuition reduction application has been processed, and a meeting with the affordability committee will be scheduled.

What if the amount of reduction offered does not meet my financial need?

On a limited basis, families demonstrating increased need may be eligible for further tuition reduction through work trade opportunities.