A Little History of Windsong School

By Windsong School
Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Relationships are the true movers and shakers of our lives.  Isn’t it true that if we take a moment to reflect on how we’ve come to be where we are today we can almost always credit key relationships?  I know that’s true for me – and that it’s true for Windsong, too.

We came to be at our site through a relationship formed by a note in a library book, for instance.  One of our board members discovered a book she had on loan from the library was reserved by someone else who was apparently interested in reading some of Rudolf Steiner’s writings on education.  So she slipped a note in the book with her e-mail address.  A connection was made and the woman who reserved the book later said she knew the perfect site for a Waldorf school – a light-filled four room classroom on the Mukogawa Fort Wright campus near the music school she drove to once a week.  A little more than a year later we’re located there.

We also connected with the leader of our anthroposophical study group through our relationship with the Sandpoint Waldorf school.  On a visit to the school I discovered a note taped to the bannister addressed to myself and my fellow visitor – it was a print out of an e-mail from a Gonzaga professor hoping to find an anthroposophical study group in the area.  He didn’t think there was any such thing in Spokane, but he was hoping perhaps the nearest Waldorf school would know of people in the area hoping to study together.  Today he leads our study group and is a member of our board of directors.

Sometimes when we meet someone we understand right away that we’ll do important work together.  I think it has been this way between the members of our board – we’ve managed to accomplish what many said would be impossible.  The parents of our students also leap out in my thoughts – these are parents who are founding a school for their children and when I meet them I understand that we will share an important link in our personal biographies.

The confluence of relationships that has led to Windsong school is wonderful to ponder – especially as I know this is just the beginning of our community.  I know our parents will find important relationships at the school, and that our students will form important relationships at the school – relationships that will help them realize their path in life.


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2 Responses to “A Little History of Windsong School”

  • Heather says:


    This is very exciting for Spokane. Thank you so much. Do you have visiting days when the public can come and look around the school. Congrats on the new school.


    P.S. Do you have a way to make it so that when someone searches on Google for “Spokane, Waldorf” that your website would come up? I’m afraid if people can’t google search it then folks looking might not find out about you! Congrats again!

    • Michele Burkey says:

      Thank you Heather! We have visiting days scheduled next spring as enrollment approaches for the 2012-2013 school year. In the time being, however, you can contact us at [email protected] to arrange a tour.

      We are certainly hoping that we will show up when one googles “Spokane, Waldorf.” We will work on it – thanks for the heads up.

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